Loaded with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, green tea may not have the widespread popularity of black tea but it’s certainly gaining ground. One of the most naturally healthy drinks available, there are many different types of green tea; including Matcha, Sencha, Gyokuro and Shincha. While each has its own unique qualities and benefits, all are known to promote a sense of well-being and numerous studies suggest they can also be a potent weight-loss tool.

Matcha green tea has a reputation for being the most effective when it comes to weight loss, however, this is not to say the others can’t get the job done. On the contrary, the combination of flavonoids, catechins and caffeine present in all green tea boost the body’s metabolism, promote fat oxidation and regulates glucose levels. The only reason the benefits of matcha tea are more pronounced is that the leaf is actually consumed, rather than simply steeped in water and disposed of after drinking. This allows higher levels of antioxidants and nutrients to enter and be absorbed by the body.

If the only lifestyle change you were to make was the inclusion of 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day, the average person would lose approximately 1.5kg over 3 months. The results of one study even went so far as to categorically state that drinking green tea alone prompts the body into consuming an additional 100 calories over a 24 hour period. Of course, the weight-loss benefits are greater when regular exercises is undertaken, as the improved metabolic rate allows the body to burn fat and use energy more efficiently.

The type of green tea you drink is not the only thing that matters when it comes to weight loss, as the way you prepare it has a significant impact too. Pouring boiling water directly onto green tea leaves or powder can have an adverse effect on the catechins and other healthy chemicals in the tea, which is why it should be avoided. The ideal temperature for brewing green tea is approximately 75°C, so for the best results you should leave the water for 10 – 15 minutes after boiling before using it to brew.

The amount of time green tea spends brewing can affect the flavour and health benefits too. At 75°C anywhere between two and four minutes should suffice when it comes to maximising the benefits. However, it is better to brew green tea for longer at a lower temperature when it comes to optimising taste, as using water that is too hot can produce a more bitter taste.

Even if weight loss is your primary reason for drinking green tea, we would always recommend that you brew green tea with flavour in mind. Green tea may be one of the more powerful natural weight loss tools, but if you don’t enjoy the taste then you’re unlikely to drink it long enough to enjoy the long-term benefits. The truly effective way to manage body weight is with meaningful lifestyle changes, not short-term diet adaptations. If you brew your green tea so that it is enjoyable to drink, you’ll have gained a long-term weight loss partner that you’ll actually look forward to drinking.

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