Green isn’t just green!

Here in the UK we have green tea or green tea BUT there is so much more to green tea which I wanted to write about. To keep it short i’m going to look at Japanese green teas…

Green teas in Japan are classified into Gyokuro, Tencha and Matcha.

Gyokuro: Gyokuro is the highest quality Japanese green tea powder available. It is made from the leaves of a green tea bush which has been covered under a shade for at least 20 days before harvesting. Shading the bushes reduces photosynthesis in the young leaves resulting in more production of photosynthesis and a darker, tastier leaf. To make gyokuro, the young leaves are picked and steamed to prevent oxidation. The leaves are rolled, air dried, fired and further aged for three months or more to increase the amino acid content and increase shelf life.


Tencha is grown in the same way as gyokuro. The difference in processing is what causes gyokuro and tencha to be classified differently. After Gyokuro is harvested, it is steamed dried and rolled. Tencha undergoes a different process. After harvesting and steaming, the leaves are stripped of their stems, veins and other unwanted parts. After this, the leaves are dried to remove excess moisture. These dried leaves are referred to as Tencha.


Matcha is made from Tencha leaves which are ground via stone mills, into a fine, smooth textured powder.

Green is good and Zen Buddhist monks proved the health benefits of Matcha centuries ago. Matcha calms your system, makes you more alert, gives you an energy boost and provides a tasty and healthy alternative to traditional beverages like black tea and coffee so grab your Kineta Matcha and make the most of life today.

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