…That They Will Absolutely Love! 💚

Find yourself struggling to think of the perfect gift ideas for tea lovers in your life? Well, fret no more! The tea-obsessed team here at Kineta has put together our top picks for tea gift ideas this season for you to choose from. Trust us, you cannot go wrong with recommendations from fellow tea lovers.

From simple handmade crafts and personal touches to unique tea learning experiences, we have got it all covered. Grab a matcha tea, read on and get inspired!

1. Tea Sets 🍵

What better way to show your love for your tea-obsessed friends than giving them a gift set that will enable them to enjoy the full experience of preparing their matcha tea the traditional way it was meant to be?

The Kineta Tea Masters Matcha Gift set comes with all the necessary accessories for one to enjoy the ultimate matcha experience – from a handmade porcelain matcha bowl made especially for preparing matcha, traditional tea scoop, and bamboo whisk to the ceremonial-grade tea powder.

Matcha Tea Gift Set

2. The Ultimate Tea Masterclass Experience

Want to go the extra mile with your gift? Why not consider a masterclass experience where your friend can learn more about his or her favourite beverage from an expert in the field?

At Kineta, we offer a Matcha Master Class that covers a wide range of information about matcha – from the history behind the drink, a live session on how to prepare matcha the traditional way, to many other tips and ideas for incorporating matcha into your lifestyle.

Perfect for beginner tea drinkers or matcha enthusiasts! Our in house tea sommelier will keep the session lively and interactive.

3. Alcoholic Tea

Is your friend both a tea and alcohol lover? If so, then the alcoholic tea Noveltea will most definitely be their cup of tea (pun intended!)

Combining the best that premium spirits and fine teas have to offer, it will definitely be an eye-opening experience for the traditional tea lover.

4. Make DIY Tea Bags

Prefer something with a little more personal touch? Making DIY tea bags is something you can consider.

Since you’re already DIY-ing, here are some ways you can get creative with the gift:

  • Mix up a special blend of loose tea and herbs for a unique flavour
  • Write cute little messages or put fun designs on the tabs

5. Handmade Tea Flavoured Bakes

Here’s an idea to consider for you bakers out there – handmade tea-flavoured bakes will be a hit with any tea lover.

What’s more, there are plenty of recipes out there you choose from! Simply check what’s their favourite type of tea and look for a recipe that incorporates that flavour.

Here are some of our favourites:

6. Herb Kits to Make Flavoured Tea

Want to add a little flavour to their lives? Here’s a gift that will do just that – herb kits!

Not only can they enjoy the experience of growing the herbs, but they can also harvest the grown herbs to elevate their daily cup of tea.

Here are some common herbs that are perfect for tea brewing that you can consider gifting:

  • Mint leaves
  • Lemon balm leaves
  • Lavender buds