Spending time in nature rather than in an urban setting has been proven to have numerous benefits for one’s mood. Yet, how many of us living in big cities actually make the effort to escape from the concrete jungle and conquer hiking trails rather than close business deals? We’re willing to bet not many. It is precisely for this reason that our corporate jobs are destroying our health, according to Business Insider. Stress, sitting at one’s desk all day with limited movement and those all too frequent trips to the ‘snack table’, are considered part and parcel of modern work life in an office – but what are we doing to change that?

When you say that you don’t have time for something, what you’re really saying is that between work obligations and family life, you don’t have the energy to adopt the project management techniques you put to use in your professional life, in your personal life, in order to determine how you can incorporate more of what is good for you into your daily routine. So today, let’s stop making excuses and make a promise to ourselves to escape from weekday stresses by getting endorphins running through our bodies that draw our attention away from bad bosses, inconsiderate colleagues and unrealistic deadlines. 120 minutes is all we need each week to benefit from the advantages of spending time in nature. That is just 17 minutes a day, or 1 hour, twice a week.

The Top 5 Ways to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Being in Nature:

1. Pick up outdoor photography as a hobby

Today, smartphones are capable of taking high quality photos, particularly when the lighting is right and they are viewed in miniature form through social media platforms such as Instagram. All it takes to transform a dull mobile phone photograph into one that gives your friends and family so-called ‘social media envy’, is a snazzy filter and you’re good to go! If you focus your niche on fitness or landscape photography and make an effort to search for the best woodland walks, hiking trails, nature reserves and even picnic spots with panoramic views near your town or city, you’ll have plenty of reasons to get up bright and early for a cup of Matcha tea before you venture out and get snapping!

2. Meditate whilst doing yoga in the park

Meditation has been shown to train the mind to overcome self-limiting mental blocks, addictions and lack of focus. To enhance the benefits of meditation, consume a cup of our nutritiously organic Matcha tea before heading out, which, with its naturally-occurring caffeine and L-theanine, will inspire a powerful sense of calm and relaxation, cleansing your mind of worries, as the brain starts to emit alpha waves.

3. Go for a jog by a river

We all know we have to do exercise if we want to avoid problems with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity further down the line. A simple jog by the riverside will get your heart pumping deliciously oxygenated blood cells to your organs and reward you with that post-exercise high – you know, the one which your colleagues that cycle to work always talk about. A cup of Matcha tea some time before your jog will help to increase your metabolism, helping you to burn even more calories. Not convinced? A 12-week study provided evidence that consuming Matcha tea was not only effective in reducing body weight, but also body mass index, body fat ratio, body fat mass, waist circumference, subcutaneous fat and more!

4. Cycle in the park or along a mountain route

We mentioned the benefits of exercise in the previous slide. However, if you’re not a fan of running, cycling is another activity you can do, which will boost your mood whilst also allowing you to shed pounds. Don’t forget that exercising may help to reduce your risk of catching a cold by increasing your body’s natural defences. Matcha tea contains a special catechin antioxidant called EGCg, which fortifies the immune system, helping it to defend against viral and bacterial infections, so be sure to start your morning with a cup of the good stuff before going about your daily activities! Cycling is a great activity with several health benefits, that you can also do with your partner and children alike.

5. Go to the beach

If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach, we’re sure you’re taking advantage of it all the time. For those not so fortunate, consider varying time spent in green areas, with an occasional trip to coastal towns. In the summer, you’ll benefit from Vitamin D from the sun, which absorbs calcium and supports bone growth. In addition, jumping into sea water will give you a good dose of vitamin B12, which is said to promote healthy skin, hair and nails. Just don’t forget to slap on sun cream! Our 100% natural, organic green Matcha tea is also chock-full of vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E, K, and vitamin B-complex.

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