Resist the pressure to overindulge and avoid unnecessary weight gain; here’s how

Over the festive season I find it becomes easier and easier to justify extravagant purchases in our minds as we write-off the month as being a time to indulge in excess and cater to our every desire, promising to rectify all the wrongs we have done to our wallets and bodies once January arrives. The latest studies on western diets suggest that a significant proportion of annual weight gain can be attributed to the festive period.

Everywhere you look, marketing is subconsciously encouraging this behavior . Those colourfully-decorated packages of Christmas puddings covered in tantalising photographs of the dessert can convince you to abandon your diet and spend the day snacking on unhealthy, sugar-filled treats, instead of nurturing your mind and soul. It’s not just food consumption that’s a problem; it’s hard to say no to all the booze sitting on the table in the corner at the Christmas party, especially when you’re having the time of your life with friends, or trying to calm your social anxiety whilst mingling with colleagues. The dopamine hit which comes with each bite of a mince pie and the subsequent depression that sets in each time we weigh ourselves on the scale and see that the pounds have crept on, create an endless and unhealthy cycle of binging and purging between December and January. It has also fuelled the rise of yo-yo dieting throughout the year as we use other holidays to justify how we treat our bodies, such as the run up to birthdays and the summer.

You don’t have to make the binge-and-regret cycle a part of your life. Given the number of studies which show that we struggle to lose this ‘holiday padding’, instead of overloading yourself with sugar, spice and everything nice this festive season, why not try an equally yummy but healthy alternative to your favourite drinks, meals and snacks to consume at Christmas time? The key to this is to avoid feeling as though you are missing out.

At I Love Matcha Tea, our organic Matcha green tea powder will give you the boost you need to wake up feeling ready for every challenge, party and flat packed gift the day might bring. Why not start the day with a bowl of our Matcha green tea powder X granola and our deliciously-thick Matcha smoothie, packed with blueberries, raspberries and cinnamon. With the granola bowl featuring a combination of festive ingredients such as honey, apple and cinnamon, it will have you humming Christmas carols all day long. Alternatively, you could try something a little more special, our gluten-free and protein-rich Matcha pancakes which are sure to keep you satiated for a long time.

For a scrumptious lunchtime treat, don’t miss out on our winter warmer – mulled apple Matcha – which is best paired with our energy-boosting sweet potato Matcha Paleo muffins. Finally, for all your Christmas-party needs, we have some of the tastiest Kineta Matcha-infused mocktails, which play on cocktail classics such as the Mojito and are not only free of alcohol, but are filled with all the goodness you can expect from one of the most powerful super-foods on the planet!

These recipes are just to give you some ideas. You don’t have to include Matcha. The message we really wanted to convey is simple: You can enjoy any party situation without indulgence and without missing out. With a bit of planning you can have super tasty treats. Just think of everything you will have to gain other than weight!

Matcha Tea Benefits in brief:

Matcha green tea powder, which has a host of benefits, such as reducing body weight, body mass index, body fat ratio, body fat mass, waist circumference and subcutaneous fat in combination with exercise. It has also been lauded for its ability to combat diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure, as well as provide energy in a far more stable manner than caffeine, due to its L-theanine content which promotes relaxation.