If you are looking to make a major change in your life, the easiest place to start is with your morning routine. The worries and anxieties of the day have not started to build up yet, and you have free time for yourself that you might not have later. If you are looking to change the way you start each and every day, there are three important steps you can take.

First and most importantly, think about ways to get exposure to early morning light to brighten up your mood. Open up the curtains, and let the sunlight come streaming in. If it’s late fall or winter, and it’s still dark outside, there are other ways that you can compensate for the lack of natural light. For example, you could spend 30 minutes getting exposure from a light therapy box (also known as a SAD light).

Next, it’s important to get your heart rate up so that you feel more energized. Light stretching, followed by yoga or a 15- to 30-minute cardio routine can really help with improving your mood. Even better, if you can get outside for the exercise, the exposure to the natural air will also make you feel much more energized.

To make your morning revitalization routine complete, don’t forget about the important health and energy properties of Matcha tea. Unlike coffee, Matcha tea won’t leave you feeling jittery and anxious, and you won’t have to worry about a late morning “crash.” That’s because Matcha tea also contains L-Theanine, which is known to reduce (or eliminate entirely) the unwanted effects of coffee. As a result, a single cup of Matcha can last up to 6 hours – which is more than enough time to get you through your morning.

Best of all, matcha tea has several other properties that will make you healthier and more energized. For example, matcha contains catechins, which are a type of natural disease-fighting antioxidant. They help to repair your body, boost your immune system, and reduce the likelihood of certain forms of chronic disease.

To mix things up every now and then, you can swap out matcha tea for other forms of Matcha for a mid-morning boost. For example, you could try energy-packed Matcha bars as a breakfast supplement. If you are leading an active, high-energy lifestyle, then you might even want to pack one of these away in your bag, purse or workout bag for later.

Making any major change in your life requires you to take a series of smaller steps. One of the most important steps you can take is simply changing how you start each and every day. If you can commit to waking up 30 minutes earlier every day, you’ll be surprised at how much more relaxed and revitalized you will feel throughout the day. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you are taking control of your health and wellness, and putting yourself in the best position to succeed with all of your life’s plans after all, life is short. It’s time to live it. #BetterEnergy.