There are some mornings when everything goes right. You wake up feeling energised. Your morning meditation or jog session feels like a breeze to get done. Your Matcha hits the spot. And once you sit down to work, you feel like you’re on top of the world. Other days, though, not so much. On these days we need to supercharge ourselves and energise our mornings.

For those kinds of mornings where you feel as if you just started the day on the wrong foot, use the 8 tips mentioned below to set things right.

1. Relax Your Body with Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises raise oxygen levels in your blood, helping stimulate your body and making you feel more awake.

Additionally, taking long and deep mindful breaths also help you calm down and stay relaxed, allowing you to start your day on a positive note.

2. Drink Water & Rehydrate

As we sleep, we tend to get dehydrated. To start your morning on the right foot, one of the first things you should do after waking up is to replenish your body with water.

Pour a full pint and add some lemon to get an extra dose of taste and nutrition!

3. Get Moving with a Quick HIIT Workout

Exercise releases endorphins that give your brain a natural spark of energy. Not only that, but endorphins reduce stress hormones as well.

Therefore, kickstart your day with a quick 10-minute HIIT workout and reap the rewards of elevated endorphins for the rest of the day.

4. Energise Your Mornings with a Shot of Matcha

As a morning beverage, Matcha tea is a double hitter. It contains caffeine, which boosts focus and alertness. It also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that produces calming effects on the body.

The combo of these two properties along with its amazing taste makes Matcha the perfect choice to energise your mornings.

5. Plan Ahead

One way to get you energised for the day is to write out what you want to accomplish that day. Goal-based days provide you with something to work towards, helping keep you motivated and excited. 

It doesn’t have to be a detailed to-do list that contains everything under the sun. Rather, map out 3 major tasks you want to achieve and get started on them.

6. Avoid Hitting the Snooze Button

The temptation to snooze for a few extra minutes is one we are all too familiar with. But doing so only results in more fatigue which only makes things harder for us.

You may try to go back to sleep for a bit more rest but instead, what you end up experiencing is sleep inertia ­– the state between sleep and awake that often leads to confusion and grogginess when you wake up.

It’s better to simply get up on the first sound. If you feel it’s too difficult for you, place your alarm clock somewhere out of reach so that you would have to get up to turn it off.

7. Avoid Sugar Before Midday

Take stock of what you eat in the morning as that can dictate how you feel the rest of the day. A major culprit in starting your day wrong is sugar. You should make it a practice to avoid including sugary items in your breakfast.

Things like highly sweetened tea or coffee drinks and breakfast cereals can leave you feeling drained and tired due to significant spikes in your blood sugar levels.

8. Get Early Sunlight to Energise Your Mornings

Getting sunlight first thing in the morning. It tells your body clock that it’s time to wake up and start the day. This happens because light triggers your body to stop producing melatonin – the hormone that tells it to sleep. Sunlight also helps keep your mood elevated by bumping your serotonin levels, leading to not just an improved day but an overall better quality of life.