This is a rather eyebrow-raising topic but it’s too interesting not to cover. Behind the scenes we are quite often asked this question, so to save the embarrassment we decided to blog about the detoxifying health benefits of matcha.

So, without further ado, let’s explore, does drinking matcha green tea make you poop? This is a complex topic so we have tried to keep it simple and separate fact from fiction.

Is There Any Science Behind Matcha Green Tea’s Purported “Laxative Effect”?

In short, yes & no. Not a helpful short answer! But please stick around. It gets more interesting. Tea in itself doesn’t have laxative effects but there are components within tea that are strongly linked to laxative actions. So, while there isn’t plenty of scientific literature specifically tying matcha tea to a strong laxative effect, there are several studies out there that do suggest how Matcha supports our digestive systems. This, in turn, helps us poop better.

The Caffeine Factor

Studies have shown that caffeinated drinks tend to stimulate the bowels more significantly than non-caffeinated counterparts or water.

Consumed in large quantities, depending on the individual, caffeinated drinks can result in laxative effects.

While the caffeine levels of a typical cup of matcha (25 – 60 mg) are not as high as your regular cup of brewed coffee (usually around 100 mg), they are still much higher than most other beverages. Hence the link to laxative effects.

So if you are looking for ways to keep the regularity of your bowel movements up then Matcha Tea powder is a definite ally. A word of warning, if you are suffering from Diarrhoea then Matcha should be avoided until the episode has passed. If you are looking for something with more definitive laxative effects then read on for some alternative recommendations.

 Antioxidants Help Eliminate Waste

Turns out one of the many ways antioxidants found in matcha green tea help keep you healthy and illness-free is by boosting your liver and kidneys functions. The key function of these organs is in eliminating unnecessary waste in your body.

So how exactly does it work?

The liver and kidneys play a large role in the digestive stem and the processing of metabolic wastes in the body. Antioxidants help to reduce the oxidative stress of these organs, enhancing/ supporting their functions so that the body is better able to flush out and eliminate toxins. The correct nutritional support will in turn help to support your body systems.

Warm Fluids Improve Gastrointestinal Activity

In addition to the above “poop-inducing” factors, the fact that matcha green tea is usually consumed warm also helps improve gastrointestinal activities in a few ways:

  • Enhanced metabolism by drinking warm over cold water
  • Reduces chances of dehydration which affects normal bowel movements

If the question is… Does Matcha Help You Keep “Things” Moving?

Then the short answer to the curious question is a yes.

While there are no single definitive scientific studies to lay this query to rest once and for all, there are plenty of indicators from related findings that suggest it does help get things moving. So, if you are simply looking to keep things moving then Matcha is your perfect drink with benefits.

But, if you have bigger issues and are looking more for Gastrointestinal relief for constipation then we have some other recommendations:

  • Drink more water – hydration helps!
  • Try Senna Tea, peppermint tea or dandelion because they have stronger laxative effects (short term solution only).
  • Move your body! The movement helps keep your insides massaged and moving 🙂
  • Boost your fibre intake with our Superfood Energy bars
  • If you are suffering from more chronic constipation then seek a doctors advice.

The science is changing often and we always keep up with the latest studies. So watch out for updates. We will revisit this blog when new information arises.

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