Here we go again… The UK is in its third lock down and everyone has an opinion about it.  I was trying hard not to get involved in the debate. However, I have decided I want to because there are many points that we are failing to discuss.

This article isn’t about judgements or political opinions. There are plenty of those out there and it just divides us at a time when we need unity and community. This is about positive, proactive information that our mainstream media is not discussing.

A quick recap on the Governments recommendations:

The biggest drive behind the Government’s latest UK lockdown is to reduce infection spread. This will in turn take the pressure off our incredible NHS. The advice we are getting from the government is critical and covers a combination of actions. To keep it simple that includes social distancing, hand washing and face coverings indoors. This guidance is on top of the stay-at-home message. Further to this, if you are symptomatic then protect others around you by self-isolating for 10 days.

So, what are we missing?

The biggest frustration for me is fear. Our media is irresponsibly driving fear into every corner of our community. Fear is a huge immunosuppressant that will weaken your immunity daily.

Let’s empower people with knowledge rather than beating them with fear. Let’s discuss how we all have the potential to strengthen our immune-defense quickly, easily, and at little cost. Our body is powerful especially when we look after it.

The mainstream media is failing us on many levels. We are constantly being told to seek external protection to save us: for example, masks and chemical filled sanitisers. While they may be seen as barriers, where are the conversations about looking after and strengthening the natural barrier that is our immune system? When was it explained to us that everyone can strengthen their immune system in just a few weeks or days even, if you are younger?

At every shop entrance we are being encouraged to sanitise our hands. Why are we not told that alcohol and anti-bacterial sanitisers should not be used for days in a row? These sanitisers eliminate the first natural immune barrier of our body: our own bacteria and the lipid film of our skin. Our skin being a critical barrier to viruses. This extends to our excessive use of antibacterial soaps and household products in recent years. This actually weakens our immune system over time.

I believe it is driven by a misunderstanding about the role of bacteria in our immunity. Various different types of bacteria are essential to our well-being. We are made up of about 90% bacteria and need these bugs for optimum health. Yes, washing hands is critical in the removal of viruses, dirt and bad bugs but let’s prioritise classic soap which leaves your own defences intact. Let’s face it, your hands were not designed to consume more vodka during lock down than you!

Other points mainstream media should be discussing include:

Health is true wealth and now is the time to optimise your nutrition, lifestyle, health and immunity. Here are my top 7 wellness tips:

  1. Nutrition – fresh, natural, whole and fermented foods
  2. Hydration – drink little and often i.e. every 15 minutes
  3. Sleep – our bodies need quality sleep to repair and boost
  4. Exercise – half an hour per day is all it takes
  5. Cold Water immersion – to boost health & immunity
  6.  Fasting – weekly intermittent fasts are easy to implement and have lasting impact.
  7. Mindfulness/ meditation – in times of such uncertainty our adrenaline levels are higher. Lower the impact of fear and anxiety with the calm power of our mind.