Wow… we are in a crazy world right now. Coronavirus (or Covid-19) is putting the globe into massive disarray.

The UK is locked down. Shelves are being stripped bare up and down the country. Flights are grounded. Staff have been laid off; furloughed or transformed. A conservative government is paying people not to work and has even nationalised the railways! In the space of two weeks, Britain has experienced the kind of social and political upheaval that has only ever been associated with war.

Everyone has an opinion about the Coronavirus and I was trying hard not to get involved in the debate. I felt there were plenty of non-experts providing plenty of non-expert advice in all corners of the social media stratosphere. Much of it is unfounded and contradictory. However, here I am about to do the same. Why? Because our news channels are stacked with new information daily, but there is consistently one piece of advice that is being totally missed out. That is how to bolster your last line of defence, and I don’t mean clearing the shelves of toilet roll! I’m referring to the fact that there is very little airtime being given to your nutrition and immunity.

In summary, I strongly believe that optimising your nutrition, health and thus immunity is more critical now than ever before.

A quick recap on the governments recommendations:

The biggest drive behind the governments #staysafe campaign is to reduce infection spread and take the pressure off our incredible NHS. The advice we are getting from the government is critical and covers a combination of actions that we can each take including social distancing, more regular hand washing, covering your face to cough/ sneeze and avoiding touching your face as much as possible. Further to this, if you are symptomatic then protect others around you by self-isolating for 14 days.

What is missing from this advice:

Right now our health and immune system needs a huge amount of support and consideration so that if we do come into contact with the virus we are better equipped to defeat it and build our own immunity.

We can control our immunity in very simple practical ways that take minimal time or effort through quality sleep, nutrition, hydration, exercise and reducing stress as much as possible.

The last time walked around my local supermarket I saw rows of empty shelves which were once stacked with highly processed foods yet the fresh vegetable aisle, health foods and superfoods are still fully stocked. People are placing undue pressure on their immune systems with over processed foodstuff like chocolate, alcohol, refined sugars, preservatives, additives, processed foods. These are all hard on your immune system at a time when we should be protecting and boosting it.

So my recommendation alongside all the other government guidelines is to do everything you can to support your health and immune system during this time of a global pandemic.

We all have more time on our hands so let’s use it wisely by giving our body exactly what it needs:

  1. Nutrition – fresh, natural, clean foods
  2. Hydration – drink little and often i.e. every 15 minutes
  3. Sleep – our bodies need quality sleep to repair and boost
  4. Exercise – we have the ability to exercise daily so lets use it, indoors or, whenever possible, outdoors
  5. Mindfulness/ meditation – in times of such uncertainty our adrenaline levels are higher. Lets lower this impact with the power of our mind.

Over the next few days and weeks I will be releasing blogs with tips and ideas to help you do just that. Want to know which foods will help to boost your immunity? Come back for part two in a few days’ time!