It’s a raw elemental call that pulls us to water. Whether swimming, floating, standing in the rain or under a flowing shower, it can have a positive effect on our health and well being.

Cold water swimming offers that same natural connection, plus other benefits that you may not be aware of.


Is the question I am most often asked! It may seem unappealing to many, but going for a cold dip is gaining popularity around the world today. Cold water swimming clubs are popping up everywhere; with members raving about how much their health and well-being has improved. They feel alive and energised, getting a rush that lasts for hours. Many also report enhanced management of stress, anxiety alongside a more positive mentality.

Cold water swimming has lots of positive impacts on your health, so let’s take a look at some of them in more detail:

        1. Boosts Metabolism and Stimulates Weight Loss

Swimming in cold water results in increased circulation because the body rushes blood into your extremities to keep them warm. The body works harder and pumps the heart faster, which in turn increases the metabolic rate.

The brown fat in our body is activated when exposed to this extreme cold, resulting in an increase in calories burned to keep the body warm. Bonus!

        2. Boosts Immune System

The positive stress the body experiences when subjected to cold water activates the immune system. It triggers an increase of disease-fighting white blood cells, and your body improves its natural defenses. Cold water also boosts and helps regulate antioxidants in the body, which helps reduce the risk of diseases in the body.

        3. Boosts Metal Clarity and Fortitude

The jolt of cold water wakes you up and clears your mind. Taking a dip in the cold sea or a river also offers an escape. It takes you into nature and calms the mind.

        4. Boosts Fitness

Swimming in water is a great workout anyway, as it forces your body to push against the water, using more energy, building muscle and improving CV.

But the cold water also forces you to perform in a harsher environment. The body is optimised to deal with it and therefore improves its ability to adapt to physical stress.

        5. Boosts Energy

Cold water stimulates deeper breathing, which increases oxygen intake and heart rate. This results in a natural boost of energy, which leaves you feeling alert and awake.

Ironically, cold water can also help you get to sleep in the evening. We all know a good night’s sleep improves your overall energy, mood and life!


If you do not have easy access to a cold sea, river or lake, then a cold shower or bath is a good alternative.

Even a brief 30 seconds of freezing cold water at the end of your shower is enough to offer some benefit although we suggest 3 mins is best. The trick is to not think about it, just do it! Trust me, you’ll thank me!


As with any healthy practice, the benefits are increased even further when you use them aside other healthy additions to your life. Try drinking one Matcha Green Tea everyday for even more energy and health benefits.

Note; if you are new to the experience, remember to swim safely, go with friends and introduce yourself gradually to the experience.

That simply leaves me to say… Embrace the cold, feel the benefits and let us know how you get on!