A hot, steaming cup of matcha green tea can be a wonderful way to start the day, but not everyone craves the comfort of a hot beverage in the mornings. For some, a cold, ice brewed beverage is the perfect way to wake up, stimulate the senses and prepare to tackle the day ahead.

Cold brew matcha tea is simply made by mixing matcha green tea powder with icy cold water. Once you add the desired amount of matcha to your cold brew bottle – a half-teaspoon or more – shake it vigorously. For larger amounts of matcha and for a smoothie-like consistency, consider using a blender or bullet to get the desired texture.

If desired, you can add your favourite fruits or vegetables for added flavour and additional nutrients. Additions such as apple, lemon, lime, mint and ginger are quite popular and are a great way to add some variety to your green tea matcha and your morning routine.

cold brew set scene

What’s more, drinking ceremonial matcha tea cold still offers the same health benefits as drinking matcha hot. Each morning you’ll get the benefit of a natural, long-lasting release of energy without the caffeine crash that often follows drinking coffee. Plus, you’ll be burning more calories, detoxifying your body, strengthening your immune system, reducing stress and anxiety, improving your memory and so much more.

In addition to adding refreshing cold brew matcha tea to your morning routine, it’s also a delightful beverage to serve while entertaining. Its vibrant green colour is a wonderful conversation starter and a great opportunity to give the gift of wellness to friends and family members this holiday season by sharing with them all the wonders and joys of drinking matcha on a daily basis.

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Kineta Cold Brew Matcha Drink Range With Fruit