How to Create your own clean energy drink…

Men and women are always on the go, and it’s not easy to juggle long work hours, activities with kids, going to the gym regularly, social lives and everything else we tend to pile on our plates. That’s why many of us rely on clean energy drinks to give us the extra boost we need to handle it all.

However, if you regularly drink beverages like Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and other popular drinks, there’s something you should know. Many of them are filled with harmful ingredients that are not being regulated. Additionally, high levels of caffeine and sugar found in many energy drinks can also have adverse effects on your health, especially when consumed frequently and over time.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to forgo energy drinks altogether. You can quickly, and easily create your own clean green energy drink using Organic Matcha. Matcha caffeine is alkalizing rather than acidic (like the caffeine found in energy drinks). Additionally, the combination of the caffeine in matcha along with the amino acid L-Theanine works to provide a consistent release of energy throughout the day, preventing the dreaded caffeine crash.

Plus, in addition to helping to increase energy and focus, ceremonial grade matcha green tea also helps to burn calories and improve cholesterol!

There are a few different ways to create and enjoy your very own clean energy drink. You can:

• Add Grade A matcha to a sports bottle with your favorite protein powder
• Add matcha to a sports bottle with your favorite glucose energy powder
• Add matcha to your bottled water
• Add matcha to your coconut water
• Add 1/2 tsp of matcha to water and infuse with lemon or dried apple

Then simply shake vigorously and enjoy drinking matcha! You’ll find that whether you’re racing through a busy workday or on the treadmill during your morning gym workout, you’ll have the boost you need to tackle everything on your daily to-do list.

There’s no energy boost like a matcha energy boost!