There’s no denying that Bulletproof Coffee has become something of a cultural sensation. Not only is the name a bit of marketing genius, this fat-infused coffee drink also comes with a long list of promised benefits, including the ability to improve cognition, boost energy levels and enhance weight loss. Well, now Bulletproof Coffee has a new competitor: Bulletproof Matcha. Both are made with unsalted Organic grass fed butter/ ghee, both are made with premium oils designed to give you a high-octane boost, and both are delicious – but which one delivers the more bang for the buck?

Let’s start first with a look at the ability to boost overall energy. While Bulletproof Coffee has more caffeine per cup than Bulletproof Matcha, the real difference comes when you compare how long the energy boost lasts. With coffee, you’re more than likely to have a sharp spike and then a big crash two hours later. Bulletproof Matcha, however, includes L-Theanine, an amino acid that is essential for sustained energy. It gives you an energy boost without the associated coffee jitters. Most importantly, it smoothes out the way the body absorbs the caffeine, and that’s why it’s quite common to luxuriate over a single cup of Matcha the entire morning – instead of brewing another pot of coffee for later.

So the best way to think about Bulletproof Matcha is that it gives you long-lasting all-day energy. You’ll get greater clarity and focus, as well as improved cognition. It might not boost your IQ, but it does boost your ability to focus on really complex tasks for long periods of time. ALl thanks the to unique L-Theanine + Caffeine combination.

Where Bulletproof Matcha really shines is its higher level of antioxidants. These antioxidants are found within the green matcha powder, and not the unsalted butter or coconut oil that you add later. It’s these antioxidants that are renowned for their ability to repair the body and to fight disease. The most important class of antioxidants are known as Catechins, and these are capable of fighting cancer as well. No matter how bulletproof your coffee might be, it’s not going to include these amazing natural antioxidants.

And what about the ability to enhance weight loss? A side-by-side study of coffee and matcha shows that matcha powder has a much greater ability to boost the effect of thermogenesis, which is the rate that the body burns calories. Drinking Bulletproof Matcha helps to boost your body’s metabolism, thereby helping you to lose weight. As an added bonus, matcha includes a lot of fiber and nutrients – including chlorophyll, which is what gives matcha powder its green color – that simply can’t be found in coffee.

So if you are looking for all the brain-boosting and energy-increasing power of Bulletproof Coffee – but with much greater focus and clarity, then it’s no contest: Bulletproof Matcha is the clear winner. You just need the following ingredients to make yourself bulletproof, bombproof and totally powered up: Organic green matcha powder, unsalted butter (or ghee), organic MCT coconut oil, fresh filtered water and honey or agave to taste. Blend these all together (it must be blended to break up the fat molecules in to the water), and you’ll have a rich, creamy and delicious daily treat that is as good for you as it is good to drink. If you would prefer a vegan option simply replace the Organic Butter or Ghee with Organic Cacao Butter instead. It’s a super-fuel that will energize you throughout the day.

Our new morning routine is now… Blend. Enjoy. Kick ass. Over and over and over again!