Matcha is popularly known as a trendy drink with plenty of health boosting credentials. The original drink with benefits, from energy-boosting to glowing skin to being super high in antioxidants. True matcha fanatics know there is more than one way to enjoy their favourite superfood! Here is the latest in our 101 series – baking with matcha powder.

Thanks to the versatility of matcha powder, if you prefer consuming your superfoods instead of drinking them, you will be glad to know there are tasty and creative ways to do so – baking being one of them!

Why Bake with Matcha Powder?

There are many different reasons why someone could be using matcha powder for their baked goods, here are a few to consider:

  • The Taste – If you love the sweet, fresh taste profile of matcha in your matcha flavoured drinks, you will love them in your baked goods too!
  • A Natural Colouring Agent – Want to add a pop of vibrant green to your baked goods but do not want to use artificial colourings? Matcha works wonders even in small proportions.
  • Health Benefits – Matcha powder has a whole range of health benefits. So, whether you are consuming it as a drink or baking with it, you know you are adding a health boost to any recipe!

Different Types of Matcha – Which is Best for Baking?

There are several grades of Matcha but to keep it simple we can categorise these into two distinct groups which is characterised by their taste:

  • Ceremonial Matcha Grade – The highest grade in matcha powder, made from the top leaves of the tea bush. This grade offers a more delicate and subtle taste profile with umami that matcha is known for. Characterised by its bright vibrant shade of jade green. Used primarily for traditional matcha tea whisked straight into the water.
  • Cooking/ Culinary Matcha Grade – This matcha (usually darker in tone) is picked from lower down the tea bush. As a result, it has a far more robust flavour which you need when blending with other strong ingredients; like sugars, fats, and others. Also, this is a more economical grade of matcha for when you want to be liberal with the amount you are using in your recipe.

For baked goods, typically the highest cooking grade of matcha powder would suffice! Why is a high grade essential when cooking matcha? Because you want the matcha and your recipe to maintain its stunning green colour and powerhouse of nutrients!

Not only does it not make economic sense to use ceremonial grade matcha powder for this purpose, but ceremonial matcha does not have a strong enough flavour profile to hold up against all the other ingredients used in baked goods.

Ready to Start Baking with Matcha?

To help you get started, here is a whole list of recipes you can try out to start incorporating matcha into your creative kitchen time:

For more matcha recipes, check out our blog here!

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