While there are few things we enjoy more than a traditionally prepared cup of matcha tea, one of the best things about this delicious Japanese green tea powder is its versatility. For instance, some mornings when you’re in a rush and in dire need of an energy boost, there just isn’t the time to prepare and drink a cup of tea. Fortunately, there is more than one way to get your matcha hit and we’re going to prove it!

Apple Energy Boosting Matcha

A perfect refreshing drink for the summer. Simply blend 500ml sparkling water with 400ml of fresh apple juice with 1 tsp matcha until the power has completely dissolved. We think this ratio is perfect but if you prefer a sweeter taste, simply add more apple juice and less sparkling water. A nice long hydrating energy boost to start your day.

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Matcha Coconut Hydration

To give your coconut water a boost, whisk in 1 tsp of matcha green tea powder for an easy, super-hydrating recipe that is great to drink anytime. The flavour of matcha goes fantastically with all things coconut, so you can even enjoy with a glass of coconut milk. If, on the other hand, you feel like being a little bit naughty, why not mix 50cl of Malibu or Koko Kanu in with your matcha and coconut water combination?

Another great way to enjoy these two flavours is as a frozen iced lolly, and we just so happen to have a Matcha Tea & Coconut Ice Lolly recipe right here.

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Iced Energy Matcha Tea

For the perfect summer cooler, you can’t beat an iced tea. Add 3 tsp of matcha powder to 100ml warm water and mix until completely dissolved. Then, add 300ml cold water with 4 tsp honey, a handful of mint leaves and some crushed ice and shake well. For a final touch, add a garnish of thin lemon or lime slices for a sour freshness.

Creamy Matcha Latte

This recipe can be tweaked so it is either served hot or cold, making it the perfect all-year beverage. Simply whisk 1 tsp of matcha with 170ml of warm water. Once it is foamy, top up with hot frothy milk or cold milk with ice, depending on your preference. If you wish, sweeten to your tastes with either honey, sugar or agave syrup.

For more detailed instructions, check out our homemade organic matcha green tea latte recipe.

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Spiced Metabolism Boosting Matcha

For a drink with a bit of a kick, add 1tsp of matcha with a small amount of water, apple cider vinegar and a splash of juiced ginger. Play around with the quantities until you find a balance that works for you.

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Protein Power Vanilla Matcha Smoothie

This nutrition-packed smoothie is a deliciously different way to enjoy matcha, and to make it even better, it is quick and easy to make! Simply put 1 tsp of matcha powder into a blender and add ½ tin light coconut milk, ½ ripe banana, one handful of frozen pineapple and one of shredded coconut, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 2tsp of rice protein powder ice and sweetener of your choice if desired. Blend everything together until smooth and enjoy.

Indulgent Matcha Hot White Chocolate

If you are after something warming on a chilly evening, this beverage is the perfect comfort. Melt down 85g of white chocolate chips with 115ml unsweetened almond milk and stir until smooth, then add another 115ml of the almond milk and set aside. Stir in 1 tsp of matcha powder into 115ml hot water and whisk until frothy. Add the two mixtures together and stir until completely blended, then enjoy.