Our collections of matcha Japanese tea powder and energy teas are there for one primary reason: to provide you with energy. This is because we consider energy to be one of the most crucial aspects of leading a complete and fulfilling life.

Energy is not just the physical exertion of force but rather, it’s also the mental exertion of consciousness and thought. It is often said that time is money. However, we believe that energy is money. Think about it: you simply won’t be spending your time productively if you are constantly running on low energy.

“Whether you are trying to build your wealth, ace your exams, be the best parent or be in your best health, energy is necessary to achieve all that and more. It essentially allows you to create more, give more, and most importantly, love more.” Leane Tilley, KINETA Founder

When we learn to use our energy productively, we truly learn the value of our innate abilities and the things that can be achieved as a result of those abilities.

If you don’t have the gift of energy, you simply cannot make the positive changes that you are intended to make in society and the community.

While you should manage your monetary budget wisely, it’s all the more important to value your energy budget and boost it in the right ways.

In this blog post, we will provide you with 12 tips – that actually work and are backed by science – to increase your energy and help you lead a more productive life.

Here are our 12 Tips to Boost Your Energy and Life

1. Reduce Your Carbohydrate Intake

Over 100 pounds of sugar is consumed by an average westerner over the course of a year. Not just that, but more than 100 pounds of flour is also consumed annually by an average person in the U.S.

This is different from 150 years ago when a regular person in this country ate only a few pounds of added sugar in the entire year. Most of their sugar intake came from natural sugars from fruits which were available either seasonally or in the form of canned foods.

Today, thanks to advancements in food technology and the various ways of transporting them conveniently, we live with an endless supply of food. We can eat anything we want, whenever we want.

As a result, people are putting on more and more weight, causing them to feel lethargic and sluggish.

Our low fibre, high carb diets also cause imbalances in blood sugar, causing it to spike and come crashing back down over the course of a few hours. This results in sharp hunger cravings.

By eating a low-carb diet and keeping your insulin levels consistent and low, you can train your body to burn fat for energy. This allows you to not constantly rely on sugars to feel good or energetic.

The amount of carbs suitable for consumption on a daily basis differs from person to person. You can slowly start to reduce your carb intake and find that sweet spot where you feel fed but are also not overdoing it or going to the extremes.

If you feel the craving – which is normal, at first – you can have some healthy fluids, such as some energy tea or a cup of hot water mixed in with some Matcha Japanese tea powder, to curb the hunger.

As a result of reducing your carbs, you will not only become gradually immune to bouts of cravings but also become more mentally focused and energetic.

2. Eat Nutrient Dense Food

The importance of nutrient-dense and quality food cannot be stressed enough. Unfortunately, with the over-abundance of processed foods in our lives, we frequently miss out on vital nutrients that we need in our diets.

It is important to include varied forms of natural foods as part of your daily diet so that you can take advantage of the vitamins and minerals each ingredient has to offer.

A few nutrient-packed foods include:

  • Wild-caught fish, such as salmon and sardines
  • Nuts and berries
  • Grass-fed beef and pastured chicken
  • All types of leafy greens
  • Avocados, broccoli, and green beans
  • Matcha Japanese tea powder and other types of green teas 
  • Dark chocolate
  • All types of fruits

If you eat a balanced diet, your body will feel fed and replenished, resulting in increased amounts of energy. You won’t have to rely on high amounts of caffeine, such as that found in coffee, and experience sharp energy highs and lows throughout the day. 

3. Get Some Good Quality Shut-Eye

Sleep is slowly starting to get the recognition it deserves for its importance in our lives. Poor sleep is directly related to poor quality of life and is one of the biggest contributing factors to low energy.

Not getting enough sleep increases your stress hormones by about 40%. Couple this stress with fatigue, muscle aches, and tiredness, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for barely getting anything done throughout the day.

Sleep is the time when our body largely recovers and regenerates. Thus, getting enough of it will help you wake up feeling rejuvenated. To get some good quality shut-eye, here are a few things you can do:

  • Avoid phone and computer screens at night. Blue light tells your brain that it’s still daytime, making it significantly difficult to fall asleep.
  • Sleep in a completely dark room with little to no light sources interrupting your sleep.
  • Don’t eat a big meal 3 hours before heading to bed.
  • Avoid having caffeine, including Matcha tea powder or any energy tea, too close to bedtime.
  • Reduce the temperature of the room. Your body temperature can decrease throughout the night, breaking your sleep if you get too hot. Therefore, make it a little chilly and get comfy under the blanket.
  • Clear your head before sleeping. Focus on relaxing exercises to help your body relax.

4. Replace Your Coffee Grounds with Matcha Japanese Tea Powder

Coffee is a widely consumed drink due to its energy-boosting properties. But it comes with strings attached. The jitteriness and the coffee crash followed by drinking coffee makes you feel hungrier and even more energy-deprived than before. 

Replacing a teaspoon of your instant coffee powder with that of Matcha Japanese tea powder or any Japanese tea powder can give you a boost of energy that is smoother and lasts for hours without ending in a crash. This is because Matcha Japanese tea contains L-Theanine, which gives a slow release of caffeine into your body, eliminating the chances of energy dips.

Matcha tea also has more health benefits than regular green tea. It contains flavonoids and catechins that have various antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Simply put, Matcha gives you all the benefits without any of the downsides of coffee.

5. Exercise Regularly

It’s no news that living an active lifestyle is imperative to leading a healthy life.

When you work out, your body releases endorphins. These endorphins increase your energy levels significantly as they make you happier and life your mood. In essence, they make you feel better and the better you feel, the more energized you will be.

For many people, exercise is a chore that they don’t want anything to do with. As a result, they end up not doing any form of exercise at all. A great way to tackle this and become more active is to do a physical activity that you enjoy.  

Maybe you like a certain sport. Or maybe hiking up a mountain to experience the beautiful view from above is more your thing. Either way, make sure you like whatever you are doing.

6. Pursue Your Passions

In the last few decades, depression has taken over modern civilization in immense form. Surprisingly, as our lives become more and more convenient, the more depressed we seem to be getting.

The same cannot be said about hunter-gatherers and people living a not-so-comfortable life. When you think of these people, depression is probably not the first thing that pops into your mind.

People living away from modern civilization don’t have the medical resources that we do. They have higher mortality rates and shorter lifespans.

So, why is it that with all our comfort and luxury, we are less happy than them?

Most of the detrimental habits that we indulge in on a daily basis, such as eating high amounts of inflammatory foods or using excessive amounts of technology, are something that these people are not exposed to.

Due to their lifestyle, they naturally get more exercise, eat nutrient-rich diets that keep their inflammation low and hormones balanced, and have fewer possessions to worry about.

Since their life is not consumed by these many distractions, they are in a constant state of flow. For everything they do, there is a direct reason and reward for it. If they hunt, they get food for themselves and their families. If they build a hut, it’s to put a roof over their head.

In a way, they are all entrepreneurs. They work hard for the thing they want to achieve, however simplistic it may be.

The same holds true for the rest of us. Pursuing a passion of ours that we feel good about can give us that energy that is missing from our lives. If you don’t have a passion already, rather than trying to find one, become an expert at something. Once you do that, passion will usually follow.

Once you focus on creating, you will be less distracted by consuming. You will spend more time building the life of your dreams and becoming focused on your goals.

7. Keep Your Hormones Balanced

Having balanced hormones is extremely crucial for leading a healthy, disease-free life. For example, testosterone is important for men to experience a happy mood and keep their bones strong. Similarly, estrogen is vital for women to function healthily and maintain a good mood.

Sadly, from our food to the pollution around us, there are a lot of things that interfere with our hormone levels.

It’s good practice to get your hormones checked by a doctor at least once. Doing the things mentioned in this list, such as eating good quality food and working out regularly, can go a long way in achieving good hormone levels. Consequently, having regulated hormones can greatly increase your energy levels and quality of life.

8. Measure the Inflammation in Your Body

High amounts of inflammation lead to chronic illnesses and other acute diseases. It’s one of the most common underlying causes of heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain, cancer, and a lot more.

Unfortunately, inflammation is widespread in today’s world because we are constantly in direct contact with things that make our bodies inflamed.

Although the direct cause of inflammation is not confirmed, it’s often linked with the following lifestyle choices:

  • Eating sugar in high amounts  
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Eating an overall poor diet

If you feel low on energy, it might be worth taking a look at your inflammation levels through a blood test. Making healthier food choices can also help. Things like Matcha tea powder or any other Japanese tea powder are great anti-inflammatory foods that can help your immune system function better.

9. Make Your Home Greener

As mentioned earlier in the article, we are constantly bombarded with chemicals. They alter our hormones in negative ways, making way for a number of varying diseases.

The truth is, our bodies will simply not perform at a high-level state if they have to constantly fight off harming bacteria from these chemicals.

A great way to make your life a little less artificial and a little more green is to do an audit of the products you own. Whether that is cleaning supplies or your skincare products, replace harsh chemicals with natural plant-based products.

Going a little further, you can also add some plants to your home that will help improve the air quality of your house.

Try and do the same with the things you eat. Instead of eating processed foods, eat more plants. Have natural drinks made from Matcha tea powder – the perfect green drink in every way!

10. Listen to High-Energy Inspiring Music

We have all relied on music every now and then to make us feel better and push our sorrows away. So, why not use it to make us feel energetic? Good music can take your mood from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes.

If you are working on something that you need a ton of focus and mental energy for, listening to regular pop music can often be quite distracting. Instead, what you need is an ultra-upbeat, orchestral type of inspiring music that will help boost your productivity.

Listening to pumped-up electronic music is also going to get you laser-focused on whatever you are doing. Choosing music with little to no vocals is ideal as vocals tend to be distracting.

If you want to feel energized for a physically intense activity, such as working out, listening to hard rock will get you going on in no time. 

Pick and choose what works best for you. Ideally, pair your epic music with some Matcha tea and you will have the ultimate high-energy combination to conquer the day!

11. Make Use of MCT Oil

MCT oil is a supplement made from a type of fat called medium-chain triglycerides. Since MCT molecules are smaller than those found in fats we usually consume, it is easier to digest.

It’s very easy for MCT to absorb into the bloodstream. The result of this quick absorption is high amounts of energy and an uplifted mood.

The best part about MCT oil is that you don’t get an intense crash. Unlike coffee, it doesn’t impact your sleep negatively. You also won’t experience any symptoms of withdrawal if you stop using MCT oil for some time.

Pairing a low or moderate-carb diet with MCT oil is the perfect way to boost the miracle supplement’s benefits.

If you’re thinking of incorporating MCT oil into your diet, start slow and add a teaspoon or two first to avoid digestive issues. From there, you can slowly increase the serving size.

12. Simplify Your Life

Our lives are cluttered with a million different things, whether those are physical or mental. This decreases our ability to focus. Having a cluttered space is also linked with higher levels of cortisol in women.

We have stuff everywhere we look and this creates a need to sort it out. And that very responsibility of having to deal with things creates mild forms of stress.

Ideally, our environment should be such that whenever we look around, there is nothing that we have to do. This will give us a lighter and more positive feeling, making us feel more energetic.

Keeping a light, decluttered home gives you a tremendous sense of freedom since you don’t have a ton of stuff to think about. Simplifying your life goes a long way in giving you more energy. You don’t have a ton of things to worry about which frees up your mental capacity and helps you focus on the more important things in life.

To Wrap It Up

With all the energy-boosting tactics mentioned above, we hope you find yourself filled with vigor, spirit, and a passion to achieve greatness. Incorporating only one of the tips above can have a big impact on your energy and consequently, the quality of your life.

For instance, just having a hot cup of water mixed in with Matcha tea powder can have an enormously positive effect on the way you feel when you wake up and then throughout the day.

While we have mentioned 12 tips to boost your energy in this post, it is important to remember that you don’t have to do everything at once. These techniques work great in tandem but you also have to be mindful of your own capacity.

Thus, start with one tip a day like consuming Japanese tea powder and notice how it helps you. Then try another, and another. Give your mind and body the time to adapt to the little changes you are making instead of overwhelming them.  

If you are suffering with long term lethargy and you feel that your problems can’t be helped by the above tactics, it’s better to schedule an appointment with a doctor and get professional medical advice.

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