10 Power Tips to Boost Your Energy When You Need It

We’re not saying that matcha green tea is a miracle drink – but, whoa! does it pack some healthy nutritional power! Drinking just a single cup of matcha can help you to boost your energy just when you need it most. Forget about drinking a can of Red Bull, those 5-hour energy shots or endless cups of caffeine. Just one cup of matcha will do just fine.

1. Squeeze in that afternoon workout
If most days have you searching for convenient reasons to avoid the gym, then try drinking a cup of matcha green tea in the afternoon. You’ll find yourself looking forward to hitting the gym rather than dreading it, enabling you to squeeze in those afternoon workouts after all.

2. Sleep better at night

Having trouble getting in your optimal amount of sleep? One problem might be that cup of coffee you’re having before bedtime. Nobody needs a shot of adrenaline before going to bed. Try calming matcha tea instead and you won’t get all the anxiety and jitters that prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

3. Skip the candy and chocolate, opt for matcha instead
Instead of hitting the candy bowl or surreptitiously sneaking a bar of chocolate for a quick afternoon pick-me-up, try matcha. Seriously. If you love drinking matcha tea, you’ll also love matcha powder as part of many different recipes. Think matcha green tea ice cream or matcha tea smoothies!

4. Get social with friends
We get it – its no fun to drink a bowl of matcha tea alone all the time. So make drinking matcha tea the time when you catch up with friends. You’ll be energized to handle anything that life throws your way after some laughs and good conversation.
5. Drink your matcha tea outside on the patio or deck
Just 20 minutes outdoors is enough to feel more alive. So take your cup of matcha tea outside and absorb all the goodness of nature. Contemplate all the wonderful chlorophyll goodness of your green matcha.

6. Improve your body’s nutrition
The secret to matcha tea that not many people know is that it’s also incredibly healthy for you. It contains antioxidants that can ward off or even prevent disease, and drinking matcha tea on a regular basis has been shown to have significant health benefits.

7. Get younger looking skin
Did you know that Japanese women have used matcha tea powder as part of their skin care routine for centuries? A facial mask made from green matcha tea helps make your skin look and feel better – and even helps to fight acne. And when you look better, you’ll feel more energized!

8. Get rid of sugary drinks in your diet
Sugary energy drinks –or even just a can of Coca-Cola – can lead to that mid-morning or afternoon crash that everyone dreads. So make a bowl of matcha green tea instead!

9. Engage in some Zen-like meditation
Studies show that mediation can fight stress, anxiety or other stress-related disorders. So take advantage of your new Zen-like calm after drinking matcha tea to restore yourself mentally. You’ll get inner calm and tap into pure energy.

10. Load up on the antioxidants
Of all the foods that are known to be high in antioxidants – think blueberries and gojiberries – green match tea tops them all handily. And those antioxidants do wondrous things for your body, making you feel energized and glad to be alive. They’re helping to clean out your body of all the toxins that leave you feeling sluggish and low on energy!