Want to know the skin and beauty secret used by top A-listers? The secret is simple, beauty starts on the inside. Give your skin the food and nutrients it needs to shine. Matcha green tea powder plus bioavailable collagen is a powerful combination. When used daily, this new skin combo can lead to the disappearance of wrinkles, younger-looking skin, and a much healthier glowing complexion.

Let’s start with the matcha green tea powder. You have probably heard about matcha green tea, which has been revered for centuries for its energy-boosting and cognition-enhancing effects. Lesser known is the fact that matcha green tea has some pretty remarkable skins care benefits as well. Thus, for healthier skin and improved complexion, matcha green tea should be an essential part of your daily regimen.

Matcha green tea is particularly high in antioxidants known as catechins. These catechins are powerful inflammation fighters, and for that reason, some natural health specialists have included green matcha powder in skin creams, oils and other treatments. Particularly notable is the catechin known as ECGC, which is one of the most powerful inflammation fighters available over-the-counter.

The second part of this skincare combo is collagen, which is the main protein found in skin and other connective tissue. When produced by the body, it can help to reverse the effect of aging by hydrating and firming the skin. In our youth, the body produces collagen naturally. But as we age, it is produced in lower and lower quantities. Thus, there has always been a need for collagen in some new format. But until now, the most effective way to introduce collagen into the body was to have it injected into the skin via a cosmetic procedure.

So, what if it were possible to combine collagen in a super format that made it available to the body? It’s possible now, due to a revolutionary breakthrough in collagen delivery known as the enteric capsule. What this capsule does is enable the body to absorb collagen at just the right time to enhance its skin improvement benefits. This capsule prevents the collagen being destroyed by your stomach acid.

In order to understand how this amazing capsule works, you first have to understand how the body typically processes collagen. Acids within the stomach typically break down collagen into its constituent amino acids, such that simply ingesting collagen in its natural form will never have the intended effects. What’s needed is some way to “coat” the collagen and protect it from the stomach’s harsh acids. That’s what happens with the enteric capsule – you can think of it as a way to help the collagen survive the stomach’s harsh acids, so that it can be properly processed by the small intestine, which is where the body absorbs all key nutrients.

Brilliant, right? When in this capsule form, the collagen can remain intact until the exact moment that the body is ready to absorb the nutrients. This is why this solution is so effective: it helps preserve the collagen in a usable format, in order to maximize the skin benefits of this ingredient. Best of all, this all happens due to a completely natural process, and there are no side effects whatsoever. All you’re doing is helping this powerful skin booster bypass the stomach.

By combining steady use of matcha and collagen, the result can be truly stellar – firmer skin, a more radiant complexion, and stronger skin, hair and nails. So how does the super charged skin combo work…

Morning – Take 1 Collagen capsule when you wake up. Drink 1 -2 cups of Matcha green tea after you have had breakfast throughout the morning.

Evening – Take 2 Collagen capsules just before bed so it can do its work whilst you sleep!

Here at Kineta HQ, our founder Leane has been taking this combination for the last month. Game to try anything that might give her skin a chance to recover from the battering of her outdoor lifestyle she decided to jump in and test it for you…

“I’m not very good at taking supplement tablets, I generally forget in favour of real food! Having said that I already consume Kineta Matcha daily so the only addition to this routine were the capsules. This was a super easy because I just kept them by my bed alongside my evening moisturiser. The routine? Wake up. Take 1 collagen capsule. Get up. 1-2 Matcha’s. Enjoy your day. Go to bed. 2 more collagen capsules. Sleep. Repeat.

I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical. Was it really the ‘Fountain of Youth’ as revered the our Chinese & Japanese contingents or an edible hoax! That said, I am a strong believer in the power of nutrition for health and this was certainly worth the personal experiment!

So forward on 1 Month. My skin is clear, supple and smooth with no dryness (which I suffered with before). I can’t say I have noticed a huge reduction in fine lines but the results are noticeable enough for me to keep up with the routine. I will keep you updated on my ongoing findings!

So there you have it, our honest review of a Collagen that is scientifically supported AND bioavailable. It’s a little-known secret for now, but as more and more people look for ways to preserve their appearance, people are going to discover this amazing skincare combo. We have this on offer so you can buy now and have super lovely skin delivered direct to your door.


Have you decided to join me and test this for a month? Have you started to see results? Share your pictures with us! Show us the before and after photos after using this skincare combo for one month and we will share the very best photos online.